A Ganesha Idol made with environment friendly ingredients, such as clay, paper, flowers, and dried straw, if colors are used then only water based or organic colors are to be used.

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During Ganesha Chaturthi festival, devotees immerse the idols of Lord Ganesha in rivers and lakes. Idols that are made with synthetic material like POP or fibre can pollute environment when
immersed in lakes, rivers or sea . If an idol is made with natural water soluble material like clay or mud, they are easily melted in water and doesn’t pollute our environment. The picture below describe it well as why do we need to opt for eco-friendly Ganehsa idol. The picture below shows the POP idols immersed in water.

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Why do people buy POP or Fibre Ganesha idol for immersion?
One of the reason could be that POP idols are attractive and decorative and give pleasant feeling to eyes. They are painted with lead based synthetic paints. On the other hand, clay idols look simple and non flashy. Hence, people prefer to have decorative Ganesha at home. Other reason could be that lot of people are not aware of the fact that POP idols damage our environment gradually. And third reason could be that clay idols are not easily available in market.


The day when the devotees realize that immersion of fancy POP idols ruin the most precious gift being given to us by God i.e. Nature, they will switch over to eco-friendly version. I wish we all could understand this basic fact and contribute towards “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” in a small way.

Are Clay sculptures/idols durable?
Eco-friendly Clay idols are not fired or baked in kiln. Hence, they are easily melted in water. Clay idols are not as durable as POP. but they are not fragile either. I would say that clay idols are like small babies. If you handle them carefully in your hands, they will keep smiling forever.

Can we paint Clay Ganehsa Idol?
Yes, once the clay is dried it becomes hard. You can use any natural or vegetable colors like multani mitti, raw haldi, geru to paint it, water based clours will also be good as they don’t harm the environment as the oild based colours. Clay idols are not baked or fired in kiln.

Clay Idols (Dried Stage)
Can we do Ganesha Visarjan at home?
People who are not able to go river side to immerse Ganesha, can do visarjan at home. Take a clean bucket and fill it with water. Immerse your idol into it and leave it for few hours. Once the clay is melted , you can water your plants with same.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to everyone!!
Ganpati Bappa Morya 🙂