21 Types of Patra used in Ganesha Chaturthi-Vinayaka Chaturthi Pooja
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Ganesh Patra-patri Puja is very important step in Ganesh Chaturthi-Vinayaka Chavithi puja. 21 types of leaves are used to worship Lord Ganesha during Ganesha Chavithi festival. This pathra puja is also called as ‘Eka Vimshathi Patra Puja. Chanting each name of the Lord, Ganesha is worshipped with each type of leaf. As per Hinduism, Rushis used leaves, barks and other tree parts as the Pooja material for Pujas.

 1) Machi Patram


Sanskrit Name Machi Patram
Mantra Sumukhaya Namaha
Botanical Name Artemisia vulgaris/Imperata Cylindrica
Medicinal Use used for curing skin diseases (leprosy, leucoderma), nervous diseases, and abdominal related

2)  Brihathi Patram



Sanskrit Name Brihathi Patram
Mantra Ganadhipaya Namaha
Botanical Name Solanum indicum/Carisssa Carandass
Medicinal Use Used for asthma, cough, constipation. Also used for women in post natal period

3)  Bilva patram



Sanskrit Name Bilva patram
Mantra Gowriputraya Namaha
Botanical Name Aegle marmeolus
Medicinal Use Used for Dysentery. It also purifies water. Bilva leaf is very popular in the worship of Lord Shiva

4)  Durvara Patram


Sanskrit Name Durvara Patram
Mantra Gajananaya Namaha
Botanical Name Cyanodon dactylon/Cyanodon Dacry
Medicinal Use used for Skin diseases, arresting bleeding, anemia. Durva leaf is used in the worship of Lord Ganesha

5)  Dattura Patram


Sanskrit Name Dattura Patram
Mantra Harasunve Namaha
Botanical Name Stramonium
Medicinal Use Used for joint pains, abdominal, skin diseases, hair fall. Also used in poisonous bites

6)  Badari patram



Sanskrit Name Badari patram
Mantra Lambodaraya Namaha
Botanical Name Zizyphus mauritiana/ Z.jujba
Medicinal Use Used for digestive disorders, wounds and injuries, blood impurities. Also used for maintaining the voice.

7)  Apamarga Patram


Sanskrit Name Apamarga Patram
Mantra Guhagrajaya Namaha
Botanical Name Achyranthus Aspera
Medicinal Use Used for digestive disorders and also used for poisonous bites.

8)  Tulasi patram



Sanskrit Name Tulasi patram
Mantra Gajakarnaya Namaha
Botanical Name Ocimum sanctum
Medicinal Use Used for respiratory diseases, skin diseases, purifies air, water and surroundings. The leaves are used in the worship of Lord Vishnu who is very much fond of Thulasi

9)  Choota Patram


Sanskrit Name Choota Patram
Mantra Ekadantaya Namaha
Botanical Name Azadarcata indica/ Mangifera indica
Medicinal Use Used in Diabetics, for cracked heals, diseases of throat.

10)  Karaveera Patram



Sanskrit Name Karaveera Patram
Mantra Vikataya Namaha
Botanical Name Thevetia Nerifolium/Nerium indicum
Medicinal Use Used for leprosy, wounds and injuries, hair fall, lice.

11)  Vishnu Kranta Patram


Sanskrit Name Vishnu Kranta Patram
Mantra Bhinnadantaya Namaha
Botanical Name Evolvulus Aisinoides/Convolvulus pluricaucis
Medicinal Use Used for Nervous related, memory power

12)  Daadimee Patram


Sanskrit Name Daadimee Patram
Mantra Vatave Namaha
Botanical Name Punica granatum
Medicinal Use Used for Dysentery, Vata/Pitta/Kapha dosha

13)  Devadaaru Patram


Sanskrit Name Devadaaru Patram
Mantra Sarveswaraya Namaha
Botanical Name Cedrus deodar
Medicinal Use Used for skin diseases, wounds/injuries

14)  Maruvaka patram


Sanskrit Name Maruvaka patram
Mantra Sureswaraya Namaha
Botanical Name Cedrus deodar
Medicinal Use Used for Joint pains, skin diseases, heart diseases

15)  Sindhuvara Patram


Sanskrit Name Sindhuvara Patram
Mantra Herambhaya Namaha
Botanical Name Vitex nirgundo
Medicinal Use Used for Vaata related problems and also used in anti poisonous drugs.

16)  Jaji Patram


Sanskrit Name Jaji Patram
Mantra Surpakarnaya Namaha
Botanical Name Jasminum grandiflorum/Myristica Fragrams
Medicinal Use Used for skin diseases, Mouth related problems and also in indigestion.


 17)  Gandaki Patram

Gandaki Patram Pic not avialable

Sanskrit Name Gandaki Patram
Botanical Name Sterculia Urens/Latha Durva
Medicinal Use Used for Heart related, Piles, Skin diseases.

18)  Shami Patram



Sanskrit Name Shami Patram
Mantra Ibhavaktraya Namaha
Botanical Name Prosopis specigera
Medicinal Use It is used for respiratory problems. This tree is also worshipped as a remedy and we find people taking pradakshina around this tree on the day of Vijaya Dasami.

19)  Aswatha Patram


Sanskrit Name Aswatha Patram
Mantra Vinayakaya Namaha
Botanical Name Ficus religiosa
Medicinal Use Its bark is used in preparation of many medicines. It is also used for arresting bleeding. The significance and importance of this tree is so much that it is considered as Trimurthi (Trinity) swaroopa (Trinal Lords, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva). We find people performing Naga Devatha Pratishta under this tree.

20)  Arjuna Patram


Sanskrit Name Arjuna Patram
Mantra Surasevitaya Namaha
Botanical Name Morinda Tinctoria/Terminelia Arjuna
Medicinal Use Used for Joint pains, Vata/Pitta/Kapha related, heart diseases, wounds and septic conditions.

21)  Arka Patram



Sanskrit Name Arka Patram
Mantra Kapilaya Namaha
Botanical Name Calotropis Procera
Medicinal Use It is used in poisonous bites, wounds and injuries, curing skin diseases, leprosy, tumors, joint pains, etc… It is said that it has 64 varieties of medicinal usage. It is called as a healing herb. We find usage of this leaf on the day of Ratha Sapthami. It is associated with the worship of Sun God, Lord Hanuman and also Lord Ganesha.

In Bhavishya Purana, four more leaves are mentioned for Patra puja.

1.Brungaraja Patra – Eclipta alba
2.Mala Patra
3.Ketaki Patra – Pandanus Odoratissimus
4.Agasthya Patra – Sesbania grandifolia